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Why I gain 20 lbs every holiday season

Ok so the title should have been why I VOLUNTARILY gain 20lbs every holiday season, but no one wants to read that absurdly long word in the title of anything. So lets dig in!

During the year I feel like myself and my fiancee/wife/girlfriend/partner do a pretty damn good job of staying fit and healthy. But around November.... Its as if the holidays bring about this "I could care less/ what would Jesus do" attitude about my diet. I eat all the cookies. I eat all the cheescakes and the three weeks of leftovers from Thanksgiving. Its as if I am going to be shipped off to isolation after the New Year. And this series of events happens to me EVERY YEAR!

How do I stop it?

Answer: I dont.

I focus on being accountable the other 90% of the year. I always hear people tell me how difficult it is to keep control of their meals and nutrition, but I think its the totality of it all that scares people. "I dont want to give up my Chipotle!" We aren't asking anyone to give up their normal eating habits. The key here is to keep stacking wins throughout the year. Everytime you refuse a less healthy option its a win. If your record at the end of the year is below .500 then baby we have a problem. But if you have been winning at a high percentage all year and have been making great decisions consistently throughout then there is no reason for you to feel bad or guilty through the holidays.

Am I suggesting you allow yourself to gain 20lbs this winter?

Absolutely not.

Gain confidence in your ability to control the scale. Once you conquer the ability to manipulate that number and also some type of Body Fat Calculator, (even if its inaccurate, it will give you a base metric). And challenge yourself to be aware and dominate that number!

Feel free to join us Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for our Boot Camp Class. Don't let the holidays kick your butt this year! Hit the New Year in stride by starting your own fat-burning routine at The Big Mo! We have such a great group and we are proud to help our friends get fit!

Confession: I gain around 15-20lbs Every holiday and I don't Care.

- Diego S.

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