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Make Money Working Out

We have partnered up with Genesis Pure to bring Nutritional products to The Big Mo! The reason we went with GP is because of the natural ingredients (lots of berries and fruits and natural foods). As a staff we love supplements, but the ingredients seem a little harsh (lots of words with x's and y's). So HERE WE GO!

The process is simple. Enroll as a Distributor. $40

Buy your own supplements from your store. ~$300

Work out. Force 2 Friends to Work out with You. Make them do the Same

Repeat until you are Rich. Or you have paid for Christmas

These Companies literally pay you to create small customer bases around the community.

Biggest Arguments

I don't want to sell this stuff

Answer: Do NOT sell it then. Just Invest in the business and Force 2 friends to do the same. Repeat that.

I would rather get my supplements elsewhere.

Answer: As long as that company pays you to buy their products, go for it. If not, throw your money into the toilet. Flush, and repeat.

I can't get rich off this stuff.

Answer: Buy Christmas

As much sarcasm as there appears to be in this post, we are in a very unique position. Launching the early stages of a proven Multi Level Marketing company is a rare position to be in. Fortunately for us, that is the case.

Let's make history!

-Diego S.


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